Kikanju Baku drummer/percussionist sonic conceptionist, composer, rogue genre architect

A renegade endogenic vaticinator casting cerebral-shredding preternatural precisionary poly-rythmic pummelling convex carcuminal corybantics megrim mantics arachnid astatic anachronistic autoschediasm & trifurcating tangentials & tempest trauma.

Between the most insanely intricate contrived syncopations & the deepest impenetrable inhospitables of the spontaneity-wilderness.

Fatal with anything, but mostly utilizing- volatile-jazz, Gunk , No-Skool-Noyzore, Hard-Vacuum, Breakcore, Fray, Riot-Gear, Jungle, Phosphorus-Funk, Glyph-Hop, Farrago, Poise-Spore, Abnorm an otha’ ill shit!!!

The Jester Of Blur & Blast-

Quite possibly the fastest ever single-foot blasts & Tatsumaki & Hertza-Haeon Blurbeats ever instigated. ridiculous innovations & prepotency in th kinetic/fast/repetitive-rhythm sector (Fray/Fracture/Blast/Blur etc..)

Pullin' lix-

The Output For Esoteric & Autonomous Art/Megrim Mercurial forged sometime in late 2007 (by definition), an extremely adventurous consociation of constantly randomizing musicians/strentors enacting forays into the experimental-outback 95%+ in spontaneous science. It has included prolific jazz heavy-weights, moguls of Noyz/Stridor, & leading innovators of the Gridncore/Noisecore idiom as well as totally unknown improvisational activists exacting random but diligent experimentation & exploration into the undesignated.

2001, founded the notorious & incomparable Lofiordirex & conjoined Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper record insurgency both under the Jigokuki penumbra. Irrefutably the worlds utterly uncontested champs in Anti-Listener ridiculousness & Torikowashi User-Hostility choten