神经刺痛 (excerpt).mp3

Yummy new tape - 神经刺痛 is here to romp a spud-fowl in yur sparse. Double session damage dollops & tea-room trollops - 3 irreparable turbo blast-blur Neko-Neko-Noyzcore dive-bombs from Bollock Swine circa 2005 Chicago (guitar, drums) & two streaming, spitting, bubbling vats of scream-splashed, virago-vicissitude-venereal blurt harsh Gunk Gush-Gyna (Noyz, duo-gurl-banshee, drums) from 2018 London. Breast milk belligerence. Oh! & they joined by OPS-PSF, Miracle Power Combination, Wage-Slave Exchange, Drogded, Animal Machine, Sewage, 886VG, New World, Sedem Minut Strachu, Shit Noise Bastards, Sodoma 93, sweet sounds of the burning child & Qebrus for whopping rend harsh, Gunk galore, extra’ extra condensed blat-fuck, User-Hostile Blur Noisegrind trash trauma & mega skip-hump Glitch accelerated abnormality discharge. All crushed onto a pink cassette, with customized stamp daub, giant full-colour double sided poster, colour Obi, colour sticker & coloured cassette case conjured by the scoundrels at Tetsubish Gob-Stopper/Jigokuki.

Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents/Though encryption:

tape-wermz (1).JPG

Bollock Swine-EFME excerpt.mp3    

Law Facilitates Crime-thought ecryption EP excerpt.mp3

Split cassette with Law Facilitates Crime. Tha sacred fruity melon… wall-to-wall Blur & Blast…no middle ground, j-j-j-j-j-just Hard-Vacuum hyper Blur Blast Torikowashi shred-flay User-Hostile No-Skool-Noyzcore mega hysteria to knock all suctions off th udders paunch. Ridiculous, utmost & utterly uncontested frenzy-fusillade fucketh-fastest. Law Facilitates Crime - turbo blast Gratecore Math-Grind with Maddest of all Motherfuckers-Kikanju Baku on drums. Neon-green cassette, beyond sensory-spank art & design, fold-out, double-sided pamphlet. 333 hand numbered copies on Tetsubish Gob-Stopper tapes. Available from emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch


Condign +:

Condign 1.JPG

Condign 2.JPG

Condign 3.JPG

Dredging utmost erst undergone. A lost language, sewn into the roots of unrestrained verdure, millions of miles away from modern-man’s insolent fiasco of continually unwinding mega-moron-ship.


Drub Affiance:

ape burlsk.jpg

Scribble me a presidential assassination. don't yu worry those nether-nodules... under th flash of pink thunder & howling hunks of absolutist-Ha-Ha-Ha, a 13 way split deluxe cassette of hypso-Gunk/Stridor with glow-in-th-dark splodge is about to spew it's load! Are yu ready? Are yu able? Do yu possess th proportions? Very few can navigate through th fog of fuscous




Long before yu motherfukurz were ruining everything... we were macking these pollen-grains!



steadfast spree-ative heirophantic prosody... th stemless eruption.

BS-Fedora Dowry.JPG

Bollock Swine-fedora dowry (intra-splay).mp3


Concussion Projectile Trio – Kikanju Baku, Chris Pitsiokos n’ Luke Stewart:

Concussion Projectile Trio_1_ed.jpg

Concussion Projectile Trio_2_ed.jpg

Top wallop! Caffeine, kim-chi & congestion/colds - London is th “dog shit capital of the world” fo’ a reason, so I had to drag two young delinquents over from th US-of-Arse to square off with “th maddest of all mothurfukurz”… that’ll be my motherfuckin’ niggu’ Luke Stewart & ace in th anachronism Chris Pitsiokos - two gloriously endued plural-plenary-pyro-profundity-pundits. lashings of paroxysm, four venues, three recording implements, sax, multipartite electronics n’ FX pedals, African talking drums, customized Chinese gongs, electric bass, double bass, bells beyond brobdingnagian, san shins, cellos - resulting in hours of th most fervent, furious & florid shit, busting records & breaching boundaries like some kind of escaped military experiment super-being with young fuckin’ radicals on th war-path, spurring ever greater vaulting into th most manic of megrim messianics. Not shaking th foundation but levelling th whole faggot construction! Pussies get vaporized in th storm cloud/blast radius/super-nova as th beast swats convention to th seventeen corners of th galaxies asymmetrical interstellar enclosure with a flick of it’s razor mane!!! Not sure how these recordings will emerge as of yet?, most probably as “The Serpent Devouring The Banker” through some slick LP r’ CD comopository on Ethnicity Against The Error, but foreseeably elsewhere, as finally some others are braving th cordite & molten debris to take interest in th bones of slewn guardians piling-th-fuck-up in my palace moat!

A modest scantling of some of th matter evacuated can be manductaed here (Enko Ecto Explo ep). Recorded on th last day in a London living room, this is, believe it or not, th more passive of th conflag we produced –

stay spumed - Download


Absolute Autonomy:

tal-chu-ja urotsuku_ed.jpg

No agent! No manager! No distributor! No publicist! No publishing company! I adhere exclusively to meritocracy, actuality & veracity. Being reliable, fair, honest, diligent & vigilant among this morass of fraudulent, commercially-prostrated husk-brained shits ain’t easy, but it is essential. Professionalism is a euphemism for ignoring/suppressing/contaminating the fundamental tenets of humanity & emulating a machine/artificial thinking that is contrary to natural principles for the sake of short-term situational advantage in a system of pure corruption & dishonesty. It is deceitful & degenerative on an absolute core scale – fuck professionalism. As for officialdom! - Derived from the expression “office” (so yu kno this gon’ be bad news), this is where a second synthetic reality is devised & then imposed on the real world. One voice, publication, vetting mechanism, body “decides” what is admitted for entirely ulterior advantages in a form of hierarchal perception management & supreme mendacity. The system/verdict transcends actuality/reality & allows for control & corruption in a manner that can enact the utmost duplicity/error/falsification, totally contrary to truth & universal laws, even when screamingly blatant. Officialdom has nothing to do with truth, justice or reality. Fuck officialdom. Vend, bend & pretend. So many institutions & industries are so infested & this mendacity & malpractice has become so entrenched, orthodox & familiar, that many now can’t even detect it. at some point, you have to throw down with the machine, unless you’re going to settle for sham & slavery. & fuck the appropriation of free-thinking human/beast ingenuity & it’s adulteration by an infiltrator/imposter class of academic, mercantile vulgarian shit-eaters who have no heart, no soul & no balls. TRUTH!


NABEG-our vision for your future CDR:

NABEG-Our Vision for Your Future_ed.jpg

2008 banking crisis mega larceny…the longer that no redress is proffered from the offending entities, the larger the bill – it’s time to collect! Demolished in 2015, “Our Vision for Your Future” exacts five new onslaughts of Flensecore in 35 minutes. Urgent, critical, melt-down, fall-out, turbo-hyper kinetic, withering ineffable irascibility & emergency apoplexic fulmination through an extraordinary teratogen of extreme Breakcore-Fray-RiotGear-Glitch-Drill n’ Waste, Anti-Listener improvisation, Noise-Noisecore-Blur-Shred, the most strenuous & assaulting divisions of rabid Free Jazz & discordant psychedelia abrasion splashed with Industrial corrosives & extreme Electronics esemplasticity. Unmatched & unparalleled, deeply politicized anti free-market, anti-corruption, anti-deception, retaliatory rioting. an absolute furor of anti-oppressor, planetary emancipatory & ethical violence & revolutionary fanaticism in it’s most volcanic & turbulent form. Released on mutant maverick Erst-while Antrum, hand crafted, non-manufactured four colour-onbody, hand numbered to 256 copies & released with complete self-sufficiency with no support from a blind, deaf, dumb & corrupt-as-shit idiot industry. Walk as you talk motherfuckers!       

Available for £6.50 from, Gobbledy Gunk Distro & a few other committed, free-thinking, non-prostrated, shackle-free, mobilized motherfuckers th world over (awareness assessment, seek & find, display yur hunting prowess, exercise independence & initiative).

Download: MP3 Excerpt


剧动-Bad Lieutenant:


Jolt yer scuds back in bracket – summer 2011 at Menstrum Mangroves & a routine ad-lib flit from Ji Ju Dong Li/Piscatorial Boat Herder turned into this shit – subliminal pervasion from th cult flick Bad Lieutenant found residency, hence outbursts that any one that’s seen th movie will notate. Small camo- cameos from I.G. Culture (tha Rat Catcher) can also be caressed & distressed in th blacc-ground….. 100% on-th-spot improvised Phosphorus Funk, Glyph-Hop, Fuck Em’ Up turbo tangent to bitch-smack dem’ bourgeois baita’s a new bat-mobile playa! Ga-cha-ga-cha-ga-cha-ga-cha!      

Download Audio

TAGS: Jijudongli , Ji Ju Dong Li , Phosphorus Funk , Glyph Hop , Piscatorial Boat Herder , Kikanju Baku , live Jungle , Free Jazz


Swut Jerziz! (Erst-while Antrum 20):

Erst-while Antrum 20.jpg

For the love of god-winkles. Brash & bray yur brains-in whilst over-articulating yur ostentatory overlapse astutist of intellectual ingenuity. Who else? What else? Three numbers from myself on this one – hunched, hacked & horpilated by Foju Fuyyu Frequency from back in 2013… th most glorious “Impetuous Improvised Intercourse” between odd-clot keyboard/synth –  voodoo Noise/FX pedal salmagundi/modulated guitar weirdness - & thus originem unoris on drums. Some of my favorite recordings from this oddest of eccentricated Poise-Spore, Abnorm Arcanum. Bolstered by the likes of who? Weasel Walter & a sax & distorted bassist cinder th city with mammoth wonderful full-spack Free Jazz to send the wankers from the Wire scuttling for their quilted-customized-cushions & powdered fucking milk & - yu get both Stentorians & Harsh Noise super-sonics from Kylie Minoise & Nyctalops, channeling the death-rays on unsuspecting office ordinance plus other offers of outstretched absurdity, all loaded onto a  pink spray-painted disc with individually hand-numbered eye-pang pro-printed full colour sleeves!! Six fifty each. Interstellar intravenous, inquiries & ingestion fluid – (also available from all participants). 

Download: MP3 Excerpt


Praise n’ braise f’ Snuk Strek:

Snake Strike.JPG

Very big th excellent of th review on of th Something Else blog to reference with th No One Teaches the Snake to Strike recent gourde-gouge & guddle-gorge at atom-skirmish between James Fei & Kikanju Baku –

Copies available from me & wandering itinerant fugitive sages th globe over & deepest desert dwellers.

Bells For The South Side:

Bells for the South Side.jpg

pretaprolep.JPGDebouching from th diaphragm – “Bells For The Southside” – a double disc marshaled by Roscoe Micthell (commanding eight entrants, m’ self included) & oozed ont’ ECM Records. This stuff was inexplicated in 2015 at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, exalting the AACM’s 50th anniversary. Lashings of the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s original instruments were trawled from the vaults & deployed on various cuts from the album/performances. As yu can probably portend, shits an insolubly frabjous jaunt, pulling at a superfluitous plethora of para-prisms panning pantheon panjandrum primogeniture profusion profligacy at plenum pleonast. Check th previous posts for further figments. Released on June 16th, 2017.    

A smattering of tha battering can be potated at thus coordinates -




Diligence & diplomacy! Producing a project of traditional Chinese orchestral, folk & Peking opera music as well as contributing th odd bit of percussion, gu-cheng, san-xin & chin-chin playing (oh, ya’ll didn’t kno eh?). It’s been a pretty anfractuous effort, due to th madness of modernity & th challenging idiosyncrasies behind the main mensch of the project, the wonderful sifu Ray Man. But fruition favors fervency & it looks like th results are going to be a bumper crop of soul-strokin’ delights ^0^ ! been messing wit’ (& being messed wit’ by) traditional Chinese music/instruments for most my life, & hopefully some of th contemporary ideations & concepts I have fostered for years (including 白鱀豚, which has clawed at th constraints of my abstraction for almost fifteen years now) will start to fruit from th pool of musicians available along with further opportunities & efforts with international  trad Chinese instrument ustads from th diaspora. More whence manifest.

Nabeg - Economy Equals Extinction EP:

Flense like fuck - NABEG.jpg

Finally! Nabeg’s “Economy Equals Extinction” ep ejects out of our current crisis, designed as a digital download & free from the taint of any monetary transaction (th sum’ bitch is free jah?). Three tracks pressed into a single 33 minute cast. Although this is actually the third Nabeg release (“All Rights Revoked” ep & th “Normalizing the Nadir” ep which appears on ヘンカ!ヘンカ!ホウイコウゲキ!, all courtesy of Erst-while Antrum records), EEE is actually Nabeg’s nidus/initial detonation, all calumniated & conflicted from the same gambit session. There was no script or curriculum, just to expostulate apoplexy with the weapons at hand under intuition, impulse & indignation. & lo, Flensecore &/or Apoplexy was conceived. As a release, EEE is rougher & more slaternal production wise, which inevitably means many of the preposterous percussive intricacies are inscrutable or faint. I am however, still very fond of this recording, & naturally, as an intemperate abstract expression of such magnitude, it can never be repeated or simulated with any authentic accuracy. Death to corruption – there is always an alternative. 

Download Art and Audio


しぬ マザーファッキング うじむし.jpg

Vent from vaults! Here’s a disinterred & revamped reissue of Kikanju’s short-lived London Grind unit from back around 2001-2002 – しぬ マザーファッキング うじむし(“Shinu Mazafakingu Ujimushi” or ‘SMU’) str8 dishin’ deft dynamic Grindcore sass inspired by Ginza girl gangs, Far East femme-fatalism, cult Manga & early 90’s Kung Fu vivacity with Jay “Chinpira” Merrifield on strings. Unfortunately, th projectile only lasted about a year under fairly contested circumstances & ended when th guitarist was rug-swept by a dame & crashed off th course in some kind of gigantic romantic man-trap! Too bad, as th prospects were thru th fuckin’ roof & th duo were only just drawing th swords fully from their scabbards. This download comprises most elements from th only two recorded sessions Shinu Maz produced on their ephemeral expedition into exhilarating octane-unto, recorded & pressed into tepodama deposits in a hall-way & a bedroom on minidisk & ol’ ass 8 Tracker cassette recorder, ergo th low-level audio whip on tha cones crown & gunge down th grip. Previously issued as two handmade CDR editions on th notorious Lo-fi Or Die Rekadz years n’ years back. Gochi-sou-sama muzrfenkr ^ ^ !!!   

Download Art and Audio

NABEG - All Rights Revoked EP:


Just out! – Nabeg-All Rights Revoked EP! Totally unprecedented, totally cataclysmic, exceedingly politicized anti-capitalist/anti-corporate/anti-government, moral outrage Flensecore decanting the most draconian exasperations from the Apoplexy defensive strategy (Apoplexy/Flensecore is a new genre urging & agitating on it’s own instincts & impetuosity but tracing strands of it’s DNA to Breakcore, Noise, Gunk, Grindnoise, Fray, Riot-Gear, Abnorm & Free Jazz)! Noise guitar, off-the-rails bass, live analogue Electronics/Noise, electric organ & of course – the banished beast Kikanju Baku on drums. The results are barely plausible. Four tracks in twenty-eight minutes, hand-made sleeves, unique electric blue spray-paint CDR on-body, hand numbered to 479 copies. I assure you, without pretention nor exaggeration, there is nothing like this whatsoever doing the rounds! Released by those steadfast, implacable lunatics at Erst-While Antrum. 

Download MP3 (Excerpt)

Kikanju Baku & James Fei – No One Teaches the Snake to Strike CD:

No One Teaches the Snake to Strike.jpg


Erupting from uncharted origins comes th new flux polyscopic prismatica from Kikanju Baku & Taiwanese American saxophonist & analogue electronics practitioner James Fei (Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, S.E.M. Ensemble, Weasel Walter etc) recorded in Oakland CA, summer 2016. excruciating perplexity, shocking & severe hyper-abstract absrusions & paranormal collisions hurtle into some of th most explicit terra-incognita yu will ever hear! Beyond alarmingly-excoriating, fast & technically-accomplished deflagration, this particular album screams some of th strangest, almost obnoxiously weird originality & individualism in the Free Jazz/Extreme Improvisation circumference, morphing & metastasizing over a gigantic extensity of hostile & hazardous oddness & extreme surrealist exclamation. Mastered by Jon Rosenberg (Julius Hemphill, Roscoe Mitchell, Hamiet Bluiett, Anthony Braxton etc). Seven tracks in 66 minutes. Comes in a specialized deluxe case, first edition hand numbered to x500 copies. Released by Ethnicity Against the Error, th last ululation in kinetic mutated Abnorm-Jazz floridity & precision-hysteria. No barcode, no commercial distribution & abso-fucking-lutely not available through Amazon, iTunes or Ebay! Inconvenience equals independence. 

Download MP3 (Excerpt)


& there, moored on th rocks & convolved in kelp, was this heavily coruscating review of a nigguz  kayaku-jutsu in Stockholm with mf Roscoe Mitchell!  I have shared a section below & also latched-on a rough-shod, un-mastered track (th exordium of th evening) from th conjuring & catalepsy enfilade as a downloadable MP3


"Baku was a marvel of barely contained hyperkinetic energy, whose movements around the onstage setup, like the loose, anxious bobbing that opens a boxing match, brought an element of dance, evoking Cecil Taylor’s hookup with Min Tanaka. Behind the kit he was even more exciting, piling concentrated breakbeat-like rhythms and extreme-metal technique onto the branch of free-jazz drumming that feels like a sustained eruption and trails back to Sunny Murray". Evan Haga-Jazz Times

ヘンカ!ヘンカ!ホウイコウゲキ!: .jpg

ヘンカ!ヘンカ!ホウイコウゲキ! (aka Erst-While Antrum #18) bursts it's bulla! fantastical fall-out from th razors-edge of th disassociated outer-class to jump-start flagging recalcitrance & send the sheep scurrying for their sky-scrapers. involves two unreleased trax from Chicago's surrealist Industrial Noise veteran Illusion Of Safety , two knee-capping maimers of Harsh bad-sector Stridor from autistic Chilean antagonist 886VG, another two sermons of off-grid, backwoods (literally) cult odd-ball Industrial Noise from deepest Crimea, nasty militant-Speedcore brain-damage menace from our beloved Canadian axe-murderer Terrorist Kriss, three barely plausible tumults of destroying Flensecore (in this case - extraordinarily intense, malformed, violent & ultra discordant Noise-Freeform-Rock guitar & beyond obliterating terminal-complexity Riot-Gear sodden multi-avalanche drumming) from Kikanju Baku & fellow Enclave for Aberrational Expostulation insurgent Kornel Vajsz & finally - th first official release from Nabeg - a European-Russian-ex USSR state collective of Noisegrind/ Noise/ Fray/ Industrial/  Off-Road/ Breakcore/ Improv & pretty much every other bastion of hostile/wild/cacophonic sound genome crammed through some kind of apotheosis of political turmoil & insuppressible riotous outrage - dubbed "Apoplexy" or "Flensecore" it's a barely imaginable (if at all) cyclone within a typhoon within a volcano within an asteroid impact of immeasurable lividity charging down the palace gates. hand numbered to x473 copies, nice laser-printed full colour sleeve on decent silk paper with hand crafted accoutrements, each physical CDR is individually spray-painted & scrawled. £6.50 each, get direct/ordering requests from

Download Mp3


Stockholm Jazz Festival:




IMG_0272.JPGSplayed a nice gig at Stockholm Jazz Festival as a duo with Roscoe Mitchell tuther’ day. Dokuen-jutsu at Horsalen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Culture House) to a totally crammed coliseum of willing victims! Knocked th enamel outta’ dey’ giblets like a mothafukur! Swedish Radio will be transmitting harrowing footage from th scrimmage sugu-ni, so keep yer peckers-peeled & yur watering-cans stuffed with lemmings! Death to Theresa May!! 

Download Mp3

Kikanju Baku – James Fei – poly-pande-manium/one size devours all:


Recently engaged an eventful expostulation with fellow wayward radical James Fei over in Oakland! Fei is a very odd & awkward player when performing free/improvised, ergo his specific nomination for this antic. His hidden history in the Osaka Noise hub & his ongoing work with Anthony Braxton & Roscoe Mitchell as well as his own excursions are a further bonus for banjax. We had a previous exchange of rounds during Roscoe Mitchells mega –megrim-monomachy all-disrepairing-stare at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago last year (soon out on ECM as a double disk). I kno a weirdo when i see one…& after nursing th notion for something “catastrophically deranged & demiurge” I suddenly hallucinated th epiphany of myself & Fei ploughing through th unknown depths as an unaccompanied duo & hooked-up th session. It was risky, but th risk rewarded substantial obscenities with clods of cataclysm & heaving chambers of unbearably unhinged & explicitly anomalous ultimate asymmetry irk of vision fogging-standards & un-permissible extremes. I think it’s the most irregular, abnormal, alien, dark, uneven & largely “formless” shit I have done to date!? Fei wields contrabass, sopranino & alto saxophones along with analog-electronics whilst I reverse-rend a tomless trap-kit laden with eleven + cowbells/jam-blocks, a secondary 6” snare & other abstruse emplacement. i am sifting through the two disx of outer-body outré now to compile a single CD that will be released on the vanguard of peregrine progressions - Ethnicity Against The Error once all material has been adequately mixed & mastered. Headstones & hearses – Kika Bunwa


Success served splenetics! Just produced another historic fissure…. Hamiet Bluiett, one of  th OG paint-peelers (World Saxophone Quartet, Mingus, Sunny Murray, Don Pullen, Drake n’ Parker, yaddah-yurga-yishka) prowling th outer-extremities with a screel to lop yer’ lumps fo’ effused with a binge of mega unhinge, & asked me with genuine sincerity whether I get much minge?, yu want fringe? niggu’ we plunge th best yu got in2 th dinge & impinge with poly-pandemonic singe! Ol’ Bluiett edged-over another master-poke, by recruiting into our session two youngsta’ tomangja by th means of James Brandon Lewis on saxophone & Luke Stewart on electric & double-bass. these cats are leopard-clawing dolts into tha’ dirt with a modern tri-Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop & Avant/Off-Road hybrid. With typical Bakuhatsu/Ethnicity Against Th Error intrepitude & fervency, we all just rolled up, pulled out & dumped rounds at th adulation saturated Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn. Insistence on incendiary impetuosity! Family-favourite Jon Rosenberg was once again engineering th exasperation with exquisite execution! Severing th juiciest bulges frum th session now, to be lumbered on vinyl & released by th leading-lacerating-edge in ultra-autonomous recondite rebellion in th Avant/Off Road/Mutant-Jazz vantage – Ethnicity Against The Error (if yu don’t kno, better knock th shit out y’ ears & join th revolutionary ranks chimps!). Th mothafuckin’ evolution continues to extemporize! Pan-frying officials & feeding them to their crony-cohorts! 



Bleg! continues to ladle-out lashings of recondite repertory on biblio-blurb, sonic sensationalism & other anomalous awesomeness. I recently managed to interpolate some crew at last. Been giving these shits such a hard time on my lonesome fer’ so goddang long…can yu imagine what a guild of us can do? dust these dilettantes  & disinformers down drastic & send these establishment Etonian shit-scrapers packin’!!! CAJUN STYLE BOY!!!

Something Else on E'n’E:

Endogeny & Exogamy gets it’s first review…& it’s pure wallop from plenipotentiary Something Else -


I broke two hands recently. First th right then th left! Fancy that!? Wlyin’ wrekless. So iym cycling around with a fractured hand on a byk with shot breyx, having to lift it from th handle-grip each time I hit anything plus or minus. Hamiet Bluiet tells me to “slow down” … but surrealistically all I can really do is speed-up (as usual). It ain’y nothin’ but th cloud-leopard in me *__* 



New Nabeg siege & scourge videos from last year’s Hungarian discordance diplomacy. Just small fragments of flash-bang that were scavenged from here & there. Nabeg is the first & foremost incendiary from th Enclave for Aberrational Expostulation (EAE), a constantly changing European, Russian & Ex-USSR states musical conventicle mutating dramatically in some kind of Gunk, Noise, Poise-Spore, Abnorm, Noisegrind, Fray, tri-Industrial, Free Jazz, Scolopendric, Riot Gear, Breakcore, impromptu impetuosity exemplary extirpation which we generally abbreviate as either Flensecore or Apoplexy by generic definition. It was founded by myself, Kornel Vajsz & Biro Marci last year. Tons has been recorded & will be finding it’s way out into open air soon with shit loads of new action on th barbs. Keep yer’ eyes blanched for th Economy = Extinction EP that’s just over th next dune.


E & E: 


Endogeny & Exogamy CD’s are here & lustrating hard! Available from me/right here, direct from source –




Endogeny & Exogamy CD should be out as early as next week. over seventy minutes of material in six tracks billowing some of th oddest impetuations, curlicue hyper florid, ferociously creative propulsion & exhilarating supra-detail & surrealist complexity & enigma. Joseph Daley on Tuba/FX, Michael Gregory Jackson on Electric Guitar/FX/Pedals & myself on Drums & Percussion. Mastered by Jon Ronsenberg & released on Ethnicity Against the Error. No idea what th distribution situation will be, but yu can get them direct from me or any self-respecting, capable & sedulous independent record shop (not many of them around eh kids!?). Distributors/shops can also contact me about stocking th CD which comes in a dead flash deluxe jewel-case with eye-popping graphic art & design. Th jagged beak of true pariah autonomy! Tengu! Tengu! Ten-mon tobosha!

For more details check Bleg Article.

An excerpt MP3 from th album is available here - Baku_Daley_Jackson_-_Endogeny__Exogamy_excerpt.mp3




Freedom…as expressed through advanced supra-agile dynamism & boundary demolishing exploration in th apex of natural/wilderness hypaethral sanctuary.


Bollock Swine-Flavescent Dittograph:


GOODNESS! Th Bollocks are back, & possibly more hectic than EVER! Can’t yu just calm down? Stay one place? Stop usurping yur own utmost? Why th rush/risk? It’s not normal to morph & mutate that fast, yu will damage yur molecules!!! Hyper-ejecting caution to th cracked pentad coulombs of realities enclosure through “manageable” scenarios undergoing demolishing disavow & divarication, th whole scientific consensus on “th possible” is sent billowing into th destructive tailgate somewhere beyond th 8th moons twentieth shadow. Monumental heterosexual histrionics osculating huge hormonal hurricanes. On Erst-While Antrum, oceans ahead of everything. What are yu so afraid of?


ACCM 50th Anniversary:


Chicago-Museum Of Contemporary Art-Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians 50th Anniversary-3 days recording & 3 shows! Roscoe Mitchell typically decides to pull th most dangerous, ambitious & unsurpassed move by synthesising the craziest convene of expert Avant-Jazz, Experimental Classical, Noise-Electronics & a whole stellar-system of other jive n’ assorted esotericism – musicians & sound revolutionaries in one fell-swoop/gold-fish-bowl! Like th Dirty Dozen! But with nine of us!! & with instruments rather than shooters!!! What a gaggle of nut-jobs …all pressed into th same baking-tray… to produce something so outlandish/outré… as to retheorize th accepted summits, strictures & breaking points & gallop beyond their cordons & watch-towers!!! HEJ! SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out on ECM Records sometime next year. Th personnel is as follows – Roscoe Mitchell, Kikanju Baku, Tyshawn Sorey, Tani Tabbal, Craig Taborn, Jaribu Shahid, William Winnant, James Fei & Hugh Ragin! Hedonistic wit’ th heteronomous herculine!!!




CATACLYSM!!! Premium oblivion & chronic calamity…they don’t call me th fastest drummer in th world for nathin’ mothafukur!!! S’ here’s a furosha-cell/project that will demonstrate that explicitly.. Nabeg- which pulls in two of Hungary’s recidivist Noisegrind/Noisecore/Gunk abregs Kornél Vajsz & Biro Marci on stringed & pedal/metal Noise with cult Czech Harsh Noise/Stridor/Industrial/Experimental titan Radek Kopel on th billowing cacophonic grate. No-holes-barred, Torikowashi obliterant extirpational over-dosage to smash all previous history accords!!! Hungary – November 2015!!! 



Visions 20 in New York was a brain swelling monument to pleo-pelegrine pontification & precipitancy, distilling suppressed channels & shocking shit outta' otiose dormancy like a pylon in th prune-juice!!! me & Sorey had some bollux with th drum kits, but it didn't stop us cracking th asphalt & knocking th moisture out th cloud-lining! Hail-stones! Th syz a' kohlrabi! In NY! In July? YEEEEEEEEEEEEH! 

I don't even need to tell yu how raw Roscoe & th others split th seams & roasted realities brittle fabrics! pressure-cooked cerebellums!!! 

th gig was recorded live & will be aired on BBC Jazz On 3 in October, so fetch y' fire extinguishers & layer up wit' th flame-retardent vesture! Th on stage photograph is courtesy of Dave Krugman. 

“Roscoe Mitchell brought his band to Vision Festival 20 on Tuesday July 7, 2015. They played to a packed house, exploring any number of dynamic, textural and timbral variations. From Mitchell, Hugh Ragin and Tyshawn Sorey’s horn trio to the full blown finale featuring all five members, including Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku, the concert was an unforgettable success.” - 

The New York Times had some good garble to say about th nights tumult! -



Th session with Michael Gregory Jackson & Joe Daley went off like like a nebular interstellar interchange! I wanted very much to work with both of these guys having followed a lot of their work fastidiously for years to such high appreciation, although not necessarily within th same project. Life had other ideas, th opportunity presented itself & both musicians displayed zero-bullshit & total alacrity so we deigned a tuba-electric guitar-drums trio go! Michael came with a pantheon of FX, noise pedals & abstruse techniques & Daley played like a maniac & even cranked FX & distortion boxes ON A TUBA! - later in the set. Having these two extremely enigmatic veterans charging through th uncharted was an exponentially awesome indulgence & th results are seminal! We have a surplus of material which will result in one fuck of an album that I hope will be available as early as this November. It was recorded at a first rate studio in New Jersey & was expertly engineered by a don of Black Saint Records - Jon Rosenberg (Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, Pat Methany etc). Video footage & audio excerpts from th session are impending so keep yer eye-balls parmesanned. Music aside, kicking it with them lot was exceedingly enriching.   



Th MCA/ECM furore thats set to flare next month will be quite an event. Personnel & expertise aside, th Art Ensemble Of Chicago's entire percussion set-up has been flown in & set-up ready for oblation. so y' boys gonna be braying contours on th same shit mthrfkn AEOC kicked all that divine racket out on back in th ergo! Hells-bells chuck hows tha'?!?!  ^ ^

기관총 탈주자 칸쥬:


We never went away! We just went off to th woods for a while!


Breakfast Bollocks n’ Brigands:

Wanderers, inyanga, beregs, mendicants, tobosha! Every now & then someone cool muso-marauder just falls out of a puff of smoke & we jump in a haggard rehearsal space & revolutionize th etchings. This shit should happen a lot more often but it’s difficult in this era of idiot with i-phone entropy. Anyhew’, here’s one track from an impromptu session & some Bollock Swine blush-bash in video & audio format are well on th way (editing/mixing). Thanks to Birax Marceleriac ^_- 

Download Mp3: Borago Bollock


So here is summit’ scalding-hot frum th walruses gut-lining! This is all confirmed, assured ascertained & sewn-up in a sarcophagus with a floral intagliation in Cyrillic circa 1700’s – next month I will play at Visions Festival in New York with th Roscoe-Ragin-Tyshawn-Taborn posse (hopefully that recording/show will result in a release all of it’s own) but it also gives me tremendously cardio-vascular-swelling to announce, to unveil, to hatch n’ avouch - that I will be recording with guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson & tuba-don Joe Daley, in a professionally recorded medium/ environment engineered by Jon Rosenberg. I am producing th entire project & these two cats have been specifically enrolled for their consummate capacities & creative contagion. MG Jackson cut his teeth with Oliver Lake, contributing to some of th greatest Avant Jazz/kinetic & hyper complex whilst simultaneously ultra-effusive abject improvisational Jazz albums such as Holding Together, Shine! & Zaki as well as ridiculously challenging & distinct albums as a leader/composer himself. Joe Daley is a veteran of the tuba, ranking hard as a frequent consort of Sam Rivers & Muhal Richard Abrams. His recordings with Rivers, from Waves, The Tuba Trio tri-LP series, Crystals, Black Africa & albums with th Riverbea All Star Orchestra are legendary artefacts amongst Baku law & Joe’s more recent work as a leader & composer of his Earth Tones ensemble, particularly 2010’s The Seven Deadly Sins CD, which knocked me for nineteen, consolidate his presence as one of the most adventurous & dope tuba players of th effin’ lot son. Anyways, get-off th fault line cos shits gonna’ devour!!! Iym going to put th album out myself as waiting for these other loser-labels to catch –up is raking my xylemic sorus, kno worra’ mean!? FRUCTUOUS!!!


Barricade ya precinct! Call in a curfew! Law Facilitates Crime-Thought Encryption 7”EP, coming to massacre th Tory cancer!!!

Download Mp3: Law Facilitates Crime-rough slab 1

Download Mp3: Law Facilitates Crime-rough slab 2

UPDATE 01/04/15

dump.jpgKryzt-kid! wul’ I got my cervix all knotted over this shit & arrived at th wrong destination! Peep gaym – there’s two vision festivals… April 8th in London & July th 7th in New York…iym actually playing at th NEW YORK/JULY divination, not th London event, which is another good reason not to go to East London where th stench of gentrification is as thick as th knuckles on a camen-herders crab-claws after cement work in th Sinai! So sorry to all my trillions a’ to-mang-ja/hitogoroshi tail-gating frum fuckin’ Harlesden to th cliffs a’ Dover, this sorry-arse city will hafi’ mek do wit wuteva The Liar has been paid to lick to palatable status for these toothless fuckin’ meekers!

Oh’ & here’s two more reviews of Conversations, frizzant on it’s virtues, velocity & vertiginous-ness! all American a’ course! Yu kno Blacc, we never got one, NOT ONE review in this mzrfkr/th UK!!! Jzt goes to show yu th extent of th chronic-detumescence in this otiose deflated shit-dish of malingering pendulous-wristed bilge-vendors!!!

See ya’ in th least habitable/hospitable regions…. Kaku Jun Jun  

The New York City Jazz Record (Conversations 1):

These excellent trio recordings provide proof that, 50 years into his recording career, multi-instrumentalist Roscoe Mitchell continues to find new worlds to explore in his musical universe. Though his compositional methods range from music notated along traditional lines to free improvisation, it seems safe to assume that most of what we hear on Conversations I and Angel City is improvised along preset guidelines. What these might be is, ultimately, irrelevant to the experience of hearing the music, but the fact that they guide the ways that the musicians relate to one another is worth keeping in mind. On Conversations I, Mitchell is joined by Craig Taborn (piano, keyboards and synthesizers) and Kikanju Baku (percussion). Taborn has worked with Mitchell frequently since the late ‘90s while Baku is newer to the scene and information gleaned online (there are no liners here) indicates that he is a Japanese musician based in London. Taborn never puts a foot wrong, whether he is working through the avant side of his widely varied piano style or showing how well a judiciously handled synthesizer can blend in on a group improvisation. Baku is extremely impressive as well, his concept of rhythm not unlike the constant fragmentation of either a Milford Graves or such Europeans as Tony Oxley, but his frame of reference is completely different from either of these masters.

Baku’s willingness either to lay out or simply lay low for prolonged periods helps the overall flow enormously and when things heat up, he is right there, dancing through the traffic with agility and poise. As for Mitchell, he spends more time giving subtle cues than pouring out a lot of flipped-out saxophone lines. It’s a blast when he does get into some of this, as on “Outpost Nine Calling” for instance, but when this happens it feels like part of the whole play, not just one actor’s monologue.

Duck Baker

Down Beat Magazine (Conversations 1 & 2):

Multireedist Roscoe Mitchell is well into his 70s, but coasting just isn’t on his agenda. These two albums, which are products of the same two-day session, reflect a recent strategy in which the master woodwind player has matched up with much younger drummers who have some concepts of their own. Like drummer Mike Reed and multi-instrumentalist Weasel Walter, both of whom he has played with in the past year, Kikanju Baku, the percussionist on this session, is a player who makes things happen. Possessed of both manic energy and a fine instinct for restraint, he articulates elaborate shapes that sound like they owe as much to prog rock as to any radition of improvisation.

Mitchell takes to their convolution like a duck to water; his own playing is all sharp angles, coarse cries and pitches so acrid, they seem to have been set alight by Baku’s ferocity. Taborn’s piano runs match Mitchell’s lines in momentum and persistence, but he also has good instincts for when to hold back; there are long passages where he plays sparsely or not at all. His other keyboards add subliminal textures and tonal variety without once lapsing into mere novelty.

Both of these CDs are remarkably consistent; the engagement and invention never flags, which makes it hard to favor one over the other. Honor also goes out to the session engineers, Gregory Howe and Jimmy Fontana. Not only is the sound crisp and immaculate, it imparts a spacial experience that makes it feel like the music is happening all around the listener.

Bill Meyer

UPDATE 10/02/15

EA16 Simulacrum Saponator (singe to soothe, secrete to subvent, secularize to subvert) CDR:

a monstrous zoic arborisation, even by my own cacuminal sub-stream & successive stints of stupefaction Ha-Ha-Ha! Poise-Spore & Abnorm-Avant Noise-Imeptuity mutagen & meta-misplacement precipitancy draconian-divergent horology re-wiring & acute teratoid metanoia…y’ dig?

Visions Festival 2015:

So iyl be fuckin’ it up with volcanic-visionary Roscoe Mitchell at this years Vision Festival on th 7th of April along with a large segment of his henchmen - Tyshawn Sorey, Hugh Ragin etc. Hopefully some recordings will also generate from/around this event, mull th mordancy, marked – by mercurial miscuity & circuitry….can I get a witness?

The Freedom Principle Exhibition/Performance, AACM 50th Anniversary gig at The Museam Of Contemporary Art in Chicago 2015:

Th kiddd will be playing a live gig with Roscoe & HIS ENTIRE Trio conventicle in Chicago this September at th MCA in Chiraq. Loox lyk ECM will also be recording th eruption for their label, not a bad bloody idea iyl tell e’. I also hope to throw down with th AACM & scavenge some cool recordings to smack convention a new farce-goal. Hopefully I can pull some Kanju autonomy & become th first damn fool frum Th Divided Kingdom to merge with those maniacs n’ break bitches off sumthin’ superlunary Hyuk-Hyuk!!! Basically, MAJOR pyromania & intemperate dalliance n’ megrim are on th cards!

Next Year (2015 dat is) is the 50TH Anniversary of the AACM. The Musuem of Contemporary Art in Chicago will be mounting the Freedom Principle Exhibition starts July through November 2015.

Law Facilitates Crime-“thought encryption” 7”EP:

Supra seditionary Gratecore/Grindcore unit Law Facilitates Crime will be recording our debut EP this February. A website is impending. More hi-cap on LFC from Jigokuki ryt’ here toots -
“Incomparable Grind/ Gratecore propulsion. Electing the most savage & ascetic tenets of integral Grind virtue & battering them to an advanced stage of combat – combining uneven time signatures, modal intricacies & syncopations with irregular as fuck punctuations directly to the classic single-foot D & C Beat & multifarious Blastbeat formula to transmute a terrifyingly effective, absurdly fast & aggressive advancement, with Grate & Grind so destructive it will file down any obstacle. Savvy as fuck & monstrously progressive as well as taking the core elements of non-metallic Grind severity to the most tumultuous & peerless crest with speeds & consecutive attack that literally defy belief. With radical activist, subversive & rogue-journalist links, contributions & samples hewing some of the most strident philippic & informed attacks on the corporation-crisis, putrefaction-politics & rampant Western corruption.”

Update 7/9/14

TRIP-WYRZ!!! roster of results regarding recent resumption of revolution retention! more jus’ roond th rock-face, ang on chuck! large scale Bleg update should be falling out-of-place in th nex seven days, so keep yer peels-eyed kiddd -

yers’ sagaciously…. Gakostomy Crag    

Bollock Swine-Afrocentric Ungulate:



YAAAAY! NO ONE stoves yur guts in as hard, fast & ferociously as those Bollock Swine brutes! Back from th flower garden with 5yv incinerators of beyond bestial Olympic marathon blast-cornucopia Torikowashi User-Hostile Gunk Neko-Neko-Noyzcore. Shrieking Oriental femme mania, remorseless numenesque kinetic percussion poly-pummel & harsh blat with shredding Blur-Bass distortion downpour. BS’s hysterical hifalutin heterosexuals are heavenly homologated by Hungarian Anti-Listener harsh NoyzGrynd Blastcore mob Chappa’ai to that wunerful’ puréed hippocampus after-glow & thoroughly scoured cranial scoop gouge. I don’t read th bible, but pretty sure this wus wut they were trying to get at! Comes on a sassy pink pro-cassette with neon-green spray-paint spatter job & full colour glossy (heh!) three panel inlay in a coloured case. Hand numbered to 377 copies, secreted by those mutant scientist, rogue botanical chemists tantric-terrrorists at Tetsubish Gob-Stopper/Jigokuki. Available direct from me, from TGS/Jigokuki or any self-respecting hazardous sonix merchant.  

Blacc Phosphorus pt.1:


a clock formation of four old improvised jams in th Phosphorus-Funk, kinetic Off-Road-Farrago Jazz hemisphere. run & knock, run amok, stun th clock!!! download th full MP3 zip ryt here dimples –

Download Zip: BlaccPhosphorus-Pt1



Erst-While Antrum #15 (Leg-Getter) careens out of th laboratory catacombs, a fustian misalliant miscegenation of exotic aberration to challenge even th most eclectic eremites amongst us. tons & tons of really anfractuous byzantine outermost from m’self n’ others to lynch those limits!!! snatch up one of th hand numbered pink spray-painted CDR’s frum me or Erst-While Antrum.



याब-युम- Scorbutic Stridulatory Scurvid:


Junk-yard Poise-Spore frum th vaults! ginormous rough-cement discordant dissimilitude somewhere between Sludgecore, instrumental Hip-Hop, Noyz, improvised-exogen, Breakcore/Jungle & jagged noxious Free-Funk Farrago distortion erosion. satisfyingly lo-fi with dirt clods on th disc lens, this is ultra-limited to just 64 hand numbered copies, dug out of a Mayan burial complex by th cultists at Erst-While Antrum & hawked from th sewage cistern to adventurist sono-psychedelic explorers ( )  


Conversations 2 CD & Conversations double 12” vinyl LP now out:

Conversations 2 finally crawls outta it’s pupae, & what a set a’ wings this sum’bitch dun got SHEEEEEEEEIT!!! honey-chyl, we gonna work every corrugation a’ yer brayn over, tickle every frond n’ squeeze those cerebral blood vessels to stimulate outter-body exultations & soul spume! yu’ll be chipping yur bings so hard th amps will crack, yessir! blustering about yur own ball-bag is silly, but underplaying th avalanche is fools folly, iyl tell ya str8, shit is so off th scales, yu’ll need heat-resistant head gear ta listen ta’ this shit pilgrim! some fantastical reviews of Conversations 1 can be found thru th linx below. Iym trying to facilitate more, but th current established medias horrendously insouciant politburo of grossly ignorant cronyistic dilettantes are to blinkered & riddled with timidity & incompetence to observe th megrim magniloquent mosaic murrain right in front a’ their grill. Iyma’ lay it down on th 1 bereft uv any high-capping, any even minutely self-respecting magazine with even a semblance of credibility better pull they draws out their rent & face th floridity if they have any commitment or authenticity to genuine Avant/progressive/Jazz shit kuz an intractable black-hole has just been shot thru th hull of history in intensely Avant-Jazz/Improvizational Music, an that’s on th fuckin’ real mhan so recognize or retardate. a serratum of excerpt fission from Conversations 2 can be heard here for a quick adumbration to th solar-system swilling amongst. no matter what, we punching bitches str8 out th airlock 2 be vaporized by th gasses of th milky-way & beyond! no jet-pax, pyur teleportation!!!!

Download Mp3: Conversations_2_Ecto_Excerpts

th International distribution on these puppies is ropey as a pirates deck, s’ rekad repositories, wax dispensaries & hardcore distribution enthusiasts/shops th world over should cut str8 2 Greg at Wide-Hive for very reasonable wholesale rates on both th vinyl & CD editions -


Finally emplaced Bleg online…basically lots of thoroughly detailed reviews with diligent sound excerpts.. predominantly kicking about with intense & unhinged Avant-Jazz but also No-Skool-Noyzcore, Stridor, Gunk, Grind n Grate, Splittercore, Breakcore & wilder mediums in general. A real codex of convulsives.

Baked Bollocks:

unbiddable off-axis outrage monstrous matriarchal mousseux melange medley Bollock Swine transfigure more unthinkable Abnorm Freakcore Gunk Anti-Listener Marathon-Blast yellow oestrogenic esemplasticus unbidden outermost!!! whole heap a’ Bollux recorded & two new videos of supremely chaotic tergiversating incertitude & unintelligible blanche music to scald & splay them gizzards! putting everybody on their arse everywhere whether dey lyk it or not, shit is absolutely owt of orbit!!!! breyk yerselves off a chunk a’ this fizzing turquoise nonsense n’ choke it back ya bazzurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5th WARD:


Perhaps iyv finally scavenged a capable bass playa in this useless city of orthodox bitches. this has some serious implications, first & foremost in th fusillade will be th 12”LP 5THWARD! this album will transmogrify free-form-frenzy with rigorous premeditated compositional complexity of a revolutionary standard underlining th whole “Precision Hysteria” stratagem ineffaceably. conceptually it will source sustenance from th notorious southern ghettos, specifically H-Town, South Park, 5thWard & Hiram Clarke, relayed through distorted samples of vintage H-Town rappers. historically, H-Town & it’s surrounding quarters produced some of the most distinct, devastatingly hardcore, Blacc dopeness before th whole G-Funk adulteration & commercial success (& subsequent creative flat-line) & conforming standard which dedifferentiated so much of th diversity & regional individualities that had been flourishing in Rap. this album will be a homage to that region at that time & th playurz that projected that brilliance such as Bone-Hard Big Mello, th underground master Willie Dee, psycho Ganksta N-I-P, black book flavoured ice-cream & milk K-Rino, 5thWard Boyz, 25-2-life, Choice, The Convicts Lord 3-2 & Big Mike, Pony J & Magic Mark P.K.O., Point Blank, Egypt & Dope-The Terrorists, Greek, Grim, Ghetto Boys, C-Lo, The Oak Cliff Assassin, Klondike Kat, Too Much Trouble, OG Style, Street Military, Crazy C, PSK 13, DMG, AC Chill & others from th Youngsta, Rap-A-Lot, Black Book International, SPC, Beatbox, Big Tyme launch pads!!! so Phosphorous-Funk, commensurate Free-Jazz hostility, Glyph-Hop, pristine Southern ghetto tautology & th inevitable scolopendric syd-wyndng carcuminal arachnoyd Riot-Gear Baku belabour ta smoulder ya dexxx! unparalleled hook th offs!!!!

< on th subject of Th Bloody Nickel, cult photographer Peter Beste has recently published a fantastic photographic book called Houston Rap, fixating on th rappers & region from present day to th vagrant days of early 90’s prime before th sonic & residential gentrification. get it! & check >



Here’s an mp3 taster of th new Roscoe Mitchell-conversations 1… a modern Avant-Garde classic that recalibrates th limits & possibilities of ergo wilderness phenomena.

Download Mp3: Roscoe Mitchell-Conversations 1 (excerpts & odd-balls)

Conversations part 2 & th DBL LP version of both will be owt in mid April.

Bollock Swine:


Two new Bollock Swine videos!!! this tym borrowing th skitz n blitz uv our mad Slovak bollock-bruzzur Rado on blur-bass! beautiful bollocks & th fastest Noisegrind ever enacted! there are four other secretions, all completely bollocks to tha grayn stowed on audio & video. we’ll fyn sumthin’ interesting ta do wi’ em ^_-    more Bollock bollox at


Yih’ yih yih kidopsa!!! 2 peel a parmesan, an so – apparently th Mitchell-Taborn-Baku sessions were so bone-hard & copious in chaotic calamity that two, yiz, TWO fuckin CD’s are destined for expulsion ala nuits de la foundation maeght mothafukaz!!! Wide Hive Rekadz, mosugu, fissures in th thought process foranimous fulminate!

Here is further fission footage frum th Roscoe/Kikanju Oct 18th London gig with fellow assailants Kunoichi Kakokuna Kobura & Wasai! Devastating shamanic summoning’s & drastic divinizing deification fo ya.

My new 7”EP is owt, Bollock Swine <No-Skool-Noyzcore> & Pseudoku <Extra-Terrestrial Algebraic Space Grynd> on blu wax, Lo-Fi Or Die Rekadz. Peregrine paranormal prepotency preposterous profusionary, do yu dare???

Ferocious frenzy from full-moon fulminations!

The Grating Of Galaxies excerpt. Roscoe Mitchell-reeds, Kikanju Baku-drums, Kobayashi Cobra-keys, live impetuous improvisation on a full moon, London 18th of Oct 2013.

4 way collective moon-craters & oversized lunar vesications.

The concluding excerpt. Roscoe Mitchell-reeds, Kikanju Baku-drums, Kobayashi Cobra-keys, Wasai-reeds, live in London, 18th of Oct 2013, entirely improvised.